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Review of the AIIM Info360 Conference – Jed Cawthorne

Jed attended the AIIM Info360 Conference last week, and has shared his summary and reflections on the event:

… I will give you my major takeaways:
1. The Cloud is not mature enough for ECM
2. SharePoint might be entering the “trough of disillusionment”
3. I am truly sick and tired of the “social” buzzword – especially when used in the same sentence as “collaboration”
4. Mobile is only going to become more important, but actually “mobile ECM” or rather mobile access to information is not synonymous with the Cloud
5. BI plus ECM is not a new concept, but content analytics may play a more important role in measuring the benefits of an ECM strategy in the future

Jed then proceeds to write a good paragraph on each. On #3, the social comment, Jed further writes:

3. Social as a buzzword: More on this is a separate posting will be the best way to deal with it I think, but on more than one occasion I was ready to explode. I will just say that I find the term “social collaboration” to be the most annoying of all – if someone can explain to me how collaboration by definition can ever be a NON-social activity, then I will wind my neck in (as they say in the RN)………

My Comments
1. I’m not a great fan of the phrase either, but others appear to be building both businesses and internal practices using the phrase. Good for them.

2. I think one of the reasons both “Enterprise 2.0” and “Social Business” or “Social Collaboration” are being used is to try and distinguish current collaboration tools and approaches from earlier generations of “enterprise collaboration” or “groupware” tools and approaches. On this basis, the phrase has more to do with creating a distinction / boundary between newer approaches and previous approaches – so potential buyers will take a second look and not just give a dismissive wave to say “we already have that.” And equally, “social collaboration” for supporting internal teamwork plays nicely with the phrase “social media” for external engagement strategies – and the specific tools that can be used in both.

3. And Jed – thanks for the connection to the Oracle people re my blog post on Oracle Beehive. Much appreciated.

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