Adoption & Effective Use

Copenhagen for 3 Days

I’m in Copenhagen now, and will be here until Wednesday evening. In an hour, the IntraTeam conference on SharePoint 2010 begins, and I’m speaking at 10.50am on SharePoint 2010 for collaboration.

After the travel craziness of last week, I had a self-imposed rest over a 3-day weekend in Stockholm. I slept, walked, wrote, and planned. It was very pleasant. Last night in Denmark I had a home cooked meal; my thanks to Frederik and his family for the invitation to spend a couple of hours away from a hotel or airport.

This week:
– today, Copenhagen for the IntraTeam conference.
– Tuesday, Copenhagen for the User Adoption Strategies masterclass, with IntraTeam.
– Wednesday, Copenhagen for the SharePoint Collaboration and Governance masterclass, with IntraTeam.
– Thursday, London for the User Adoption Strategies masterclass, with AdeoPoint.
– Friday, London for meetings from dawn till dusk, then a flight or three back to New Zealand.