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Report on the SharePoint Roadmap Masterclass in Stockholm (Sweden) on October 7 with Acando

When I went to Oslo in March, I had 22 hours in Norway. On my trip earlier this week, I managed to increase my time there to 23 hours! Perhaps next time I’ll get past a full day. Anyway, once the masterclass was finished in Bergen, it was back to the airport for a flight to Oslo, and then back to Arlanda in Stockholm. I actually got to bed before 1am for a change … which was really helpful!

On Wednesday morning, I was up early to get the Arlanda Express into the city. Acando hosted the SharePoint Roadmap Masterclass and had 25 people as delegates.

I was pleased with the way the day went. There were some delegates who had been on the SharePoint journey for a while, and they were helpful in sharing their experiences and expertise with the rest of the group – thanks to each for doing so. The governance exercise after lunch went well, and all of us worked on collaboratively creating some ideas on governance themes for collaboration. The other thing I noticed was the good discussions and networking that happened during the breaks; I had encouraged the delegates to make the most of these times to meet others from Sweden, and it was gratifying to see that happening.

On a personal note, it was neat to finally meet IRL (“in real life”) a number of people I have interacted with online.

My thanks to Oscar, Peter, Olle and the others from Acando for the invitation to come, and for making the day a reality.

After many days in planes and short nights, I went to bed at 6pm and stayed there until 4.30am!

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  1. Michael, great to see you back in Europe, shame we can’t meet with you as we have heavy project deadlines to meet.
    One of the reasons we can’t attend your Masterclass is that we will be attending our senior management conference and they loved Sharepoint but they were using iPhones and iPads.
    Does your ‘community’ have any ideas on how to work with iPads?