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Martin Risgaard Rasmussen on User Adoption Strategies, "a book for everyone who is working with change management and adoption"

Martin Risgaard Rasmussen published his review of my book, User Adoption Strategies yesterday:

The initial chapters focus on adoption and change in a more general perspective and provides a nice introduction. One thing that becomes increasingly clear after reading this is that change is not about tools and methods – Change is social! If you can’t get enough on board there’s really no point! This brings us back to the “How?” and the 20 approaches.

They have been divided into 4 stages which are somewhat linear. Most of them are complemented with survey results from Michael’s recent user adoption survey which gives a nice picture of what others do and what actually works.

Read Martin’s complete review on his blog, connaxions.wordpress.com.

Thanks Martin! Glad the book lived up to your expectations!

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