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Cultural Response to Collaboration: Level 2 – The Group Sharer

At the Brightstar Strategic Intranets Summit last week, I talked about three levels of cultural response to the idea of collaboration and knowledge sharing at work.

At the first level, is the hoarder.

At the second level, the group sharer does well with sharing their knowledge within a defined group, but is less willing to consider doing so beyond their group. Heard any of these lines before?

As before, the real question is, what are the levers you can pull when faced with a group sharer? The levers I talked about were:

  • Remember that communication precedes collaboration. If they don’t know each other, if they aren’t talking already, then collaboration can’t happen.
  • Develop opportunities for people in a particular group to build relationships with people in other groups, where an opportunity for collaboration exists.
  • Examine work processes, and explore the inter-linkages between different parts of the organization.
  • Enlist senior management support in encouraging cross-group interaction, communication, and collaboration.

What other levers do you use in your work?

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