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What are you doing with SharePoint? The Book Winners

My thanks to the 239 people who took part in my recent survey, focused on what people are doing with SharePoint at work. As part of the survey, 5 copies of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration were up for grabs.

The winners were randomly selected. Technically, that means I put all the names into a spreadsheet in the order in which they took the survey, assigned a random number to each respondent (using the Excel =RAND() function), pasted those values as values (so they wouldn’t re-calculate), and then sorted all responses by that column. This randomized the original list. I then numbered the randomized list to calculate each person’s position in the overall list. Finally, I generated five random numbers … and then matched these five random numbers to the closest position in the list. I think this is random selection!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, here are the five winners:

  1. John from the United Kingdom
  2. Linnea from the United States
  3. James from the Netherlands
  4. Johanna from Finland
  5. Deepak from India

Again, thanks to everyone who took part! I’m working on getting the results published.