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Cultural Response to Collaboration: Level 3 – The Broad Reacher

At the Brightstar Strategic Intranets Summit last week, I talked about three levels of cultural response to the idea of collaboration and knowledge sharing at work.

At the first level, is the hoarder.

At the second level, is the group sharer.

Finally, at level 3 is the Broad Reacher. The Broader Reacher wants to share, but has been constrained by the tools they have available. They want to have a broader impact within the organization.

As with the other two levels, the question is what approach should you take with the broad reacher? The levers I talked about were:

  • Celebrate the successes in place, and work to extend the influence of people at this stage. Look for opportunities to have a broader impact within the organization.
  • Optimize technology choices. Ensure that you have the right mix of technology to support and enable what people are wanting to do.
  • Manage expectations, especially for people at level 3. Remind them that not everyone is like them, will run as fast as they do, will take to the new things as quickly as they do. While they might be at level 3, others are at levels 1 and 2.

What other levers do you use in your work?

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