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Susan Hanley on User Adoption Strategies, "some great, practical ideas on how to get started"

There seems to be a pattern emerging! I head away from the office for a masterclass or conference, and people start posting their reviews of my new book, User Adoption Strategies. It’s cool, and freaky, at the same time.

This week, Susan Hanley posted her review of my book. Susan starts:

Even if users are involved in every aspect of your new collaboration solution, there is no guarantee that the solution will be instantly adopted. Successful collaboration solutions have an explicit plan for user adoption and if you are looking for some great, practical ideas on how to get started, look no further than Michael Sampson’s latest book: User Adoption Strategies – Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology.

Read Susan’s full review at www.networkworld.com.

For those of you who are looking for practical advice on SharePoint governance, check out Essential SharePoint 2010: Overview, Governance, and Planning (due any day now), of which Susan is one of the three authors.

Thanks for the review Susan – much appreciated!

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