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Jane McConnell on User Adoption Strategies, "you will never see 'user adoption' in exactly the same way after finishing the book"

Jane McConnell has just posted her review of my book, User Adoption Strategies. Jane writes:

I know from personal experience with my clients that user adoption is a concern for intranets in general, unless they have reached Stage 3 in maturity. In this case they are the “way of working” for the organization and have been fully “adopted”! Most have not yet reached that stage, thus the interest in Michael’s topic.

Michael talks about the “levers for change”: “pain”, “social pressure”, “perceived deviance from the norm”, “better defaults”, “getting pleasure” and “linkage to a higher goal”. This is an intriguing list, and well worth the price of the book to read what he has to say about these levers. (as of page 68)

Read Jane’s full review at netjmc.com.

Thanks Jane! Really cool to see what caught your attention …

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