My Third Special Day as an Author

As an author, there is a lot of hidden work.
– Thinking about what to write, and how to structure a book.
– Setting up phone and face-to-face meetings.
– Interviewing people about what they are doing on the subject.
– Giving presentations about in-progress thinking.
– Chasing down the permissions to include people’s quotations.
– Negotiating with the printer about the book — page size and weight, cover design and weight, and so on.
– Reviewing the proof, and dealing with the panic when something is not quite right.
– Ordering enough envelopes to distribute the pre-orders as soon as the book is available.

And much more. As I said, there is a lot of hidden work!

But there is one very special day to look forward to — the day when you get the first box of books given to you. The box is sealed, and you know that inside are 20-30 copies of your book (depending on page count). You take a deep breath, carefully remove the tape, and draw out that first copy of the book. The book is real! As an author, I count it as a sacred moment. The book is finally done … and you get to hold the first copy in your own hands.

Today is one of those days for me … the third time it’s happened.

I’m really pumped … less than 4 hours to go … and the first box of User Adoption Strategies will be given to me. Wow.

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