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Collaboration Philosophy – Recent News (Wednesday, June 2)

Documentation is a big deal in collaborative efforts, especially in at-a-distance situations.
– Documentation helps make interdependencies explicit.
– It prevents the need for others to interrogate you about intent.

Purpose-driven work teams is the new way of working together.
– The world of work is transforming: economic compression, new technology, and changing demographics.
– Culture is essential–culture is the glue that bonds people to the mission.
– Leaders have to cultivate passion for the shared purpose.

Bertrand asks what do employees need to turn 2.0?
– New tools and communication campaigns aren’t enough.
– He asks some very pertinent questions about expectations and approach to Enterprise 2.0 approaches.
– reminds me of lyndakelly61’s February 2009 tweet: I think need to implement a web 2.0 way of thinking/mindset in the org b4 using Web 2.0 apps.

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