Conference Notes

IntraTeam Event 2010, Day 2: Sessions Before Lunch

Day 2 of IntraTeam Event 2010 is here. There’s a great line-up of speakers today (hey, I’m on today!), but it’s a sad day too … the conference finishes at 4pm, and it will be time to leave Denmark at 8pm. It’s been great to be here; although I’ve slept a very small amount, I have enjoyed being back in Copenhagen. Thanks to everyone who made me welcome.

As yesterday, there were three sessions before lunch:

  • James Robertson from Step Two Designs in Australia kicked off the day with “The Intranet in 2015”. He took a scenario-oriented approach, talking through Sarah’s first day at work and driving the engine of change. As a scenarios-guy (see Seamless Teamwork) it was great to see this work as a way of communicating possibilities. There were a few 7 Pillars ideas in the scenarios too, such as task list consolidation.
  • Pia Niemi from Wartsila presented a case study on “Redesigning and Spring Cleaning Your Intranet for Increased Success”. Pia talked about how she led the rationalization of 50 disparate business and location-aligned intranet into an overall corporate intranet. Platform is based on SharePoint 2007, and although Pia doesn’t have a copy of SharePoint Roadmap (yet), the approach she took shared key themes with the book. Very cool.
  • Mark Morrell (blog) from BT is talking about their intranet, which is ranked by the Intranet Benchmarking Forum as one of the best overall intranets in the world. The key theme was how they make money from their intranet, eg, through advertising from other firms on the BT Intranet, money from clicking on sponsored links on internal BT Yahoo! search, improved productivity, reduced travel for training (delivered online), and more.

Time for lunch … and then I’m on talking about “Frameworks for Evaluating Collaboration Tools”. Actually, I just realized I haven’t got the power cord for my MacBook Pro; I’ll need to get it out of my luggage.