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IntraTeam Event 2010, Day 2: Sessions After Lunch

We had lunch in the restaurant downstairs at the hotel. Lunch was good, but the thing that stood out most to me was the new security guard by the lifts. He seemed to be checking ID before people went up the lifts. Either the police are upstairs following up on the murder earlier this week, or there’s a very famous person staying here. I’m not asking though!

There were two sessions after lunch; there was supposed to be three, but the last presenter had to pull out for personal reasons:

  • I, Michael Sampson, presented on “Frameworks for Evaluating Collaboration Tools” — team collaboration, organizational collaboration, and group collaboration. I enjoyed it. The audience laughed. To those listening, thank you!
  • Gabriel Olsson from TetraPak presented a case study on “Changing Our Intranet”. He was presenting on some of the tools they used in redesigning their intranet, in making it very focused on key user tasks, eg, use of “carewords” to find the key tasks (5 carewords are the top things for 25% of employees), improving search quality.

Okay … that’s IntraTeam Event for 2010. For 2011, the dates are March 1-3 — put it in your diary now!

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