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IntraTeam Event 2010: Day 1, Sessions After Lunch

It’s 4.50am here in Denmark, and I’ve been awake for 4-5 hours. Yes, I’ve been trying to sleep, but even after being here for 5 days, I still have not made the transition from New Zealand time to Denmark time. Ouch. The most important thing, I guess, is not to fall asleep while I’m giving my presentation this afternoon.

Anyway, back to yesterday. There were three sessions after lunch, and I got to two of them.

  • Martin White from Intranet Focus spoke an “Is Your Intranet Ready for 2012?” Looking over my notes from his presentation, I think the main thing he said was to go back a step and ensure you have a strategy for managing information effectively. The Intranet is merely an outgrowth of that, and the “new” and “cool” things that are coming — collaboration, social media, mobile device access, yadda yadda yadda — all need to derive their validity from such a strategy.
  • Suw Charman-Anderson spoke about how to replace email with social media tools. I was talking outside the room to James and Andrew, so missed the session. Martin blogged this comment: “Suw Charman-Anderson followed me to give a view on how email could be replaced by social media applications. There were some good ideas here, but I felt Suw misjudged her audience, for example in describing what an RSS feed was …
  • The final session was Eric Reiss from FatDUX. He talked about social media too, and I noticed two things. I loved his emphasis on getting beyond the “what” (blog, wiki, microblogging, whatever) and asking the “why”. Why are we doing this? Why will it add value? Very pithy, very essential. The second thing I noticed had nothing to do with the content of the presentation, but rather its delivery. Eric had a fabulous stage presence, but was half-white and half-black most of the time, as a consequence of standing away from the podium in the middle of the stage. That’s where he wanted to be, but the beam from the projector was shinning directly on him. In other words, the positioning of the projector was ineffective for his delivery style. Just a warning: I’m going to be half-white and half-black today too (but then I have a great excuse).

Day 2 starts in 4 hours or so. Be well.

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