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IntraTeam Event 2010: Day 1, Sessions Before Lunch

It’s lunch time at IntraTeam Event 2010. There have been three sessions this morning I’ve attended:

  • Jane McConnell of NetStrategy JMC, talking about the future of the intranet, or more accurately “Future Intranet for New Ways of Working: Back to the Future”. Jane talked about 6 dimensions that mash-up to create the future Intranet. Jane did great, and it was excellent to see (a) the data from her most recent Global Intranets Survey, and (b) the emphasis and ethos around collaboration tools.
  • Andrew Wright and Stephan Schillerwein talked about the Worldwide Intranet Challenge. Recent results from the survey report on what end users find most useful from the intranet they have access to.
  • Rossen Roussev, previously with Royal Dutch Shell, talked about how Shell saved $15 million from implementing “Newsdesk”, an Intranet-based delivery mechanism for online news with Shell. Most of the money saved came through the elimination of multiple external monitoring contracts, in total costing $17 million. Key takeaway: find the areas of duplication of cost, and see if you can build it cheaper yourself. Based on what Rossen says they built, it sounds like an organization could get much of the technical capability via Attensa StreamServer. (It was actually based on Moreover Newsdesk.)

Okay, time to eat. It’s a “networking” lunch, apparently, so we’re all standing up around stand-up tables, eating the food. The idea is to meet-and-greet more people as a result on not feeling stuck sitting down next to the same three people. Go for it people!

After lunch, it’s Martin White …

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