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News Updates (March 1, 2010)

Sendmail App Store … Sendmail offers an App Store for its Sentrion Message Processor platform. “Unlike competitive offerings designed as specific-purpose products, the Sentrion Message Processor is a messaging platform with integrated enterprise messaging applications. With each new application, your email infrastructure improves and your total cost of ownership decreases. Why? Simply put, an application on the messaging infrastructure is more efficient and less costly than separate products. Browse the Sentrion MP App Store to see for yourself how many different applications you can add to Sentrion — everything from data loss prevention applications to applications that help improve deliverability of your sales and marketing email sent from
– eg, Compliance Policy Applications

Collaboration in Government … There’s a drive within Washington to rewrite the laws that currently prohibit collaboration between government and outside organizations. “Times have changed. Maybe the laws about collaboration should change, too. That’s the bottom line from technology experts, who testified before a House Armed Services subcommittee this week. Tech America Chief Executive Phillip Bond says laws that prevent the Department of Defense from collaborating with academia and business came up years ago. He says those laws might’ve made sense back then – but now they hinder cybersecurity innovation. Democrat Loretta Sanchez of California chairs the Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee. reports she is concerned that the old laws which limit collaboration are also limiting the federal government’s ability to develop solutions to protect government IT.More

Task Pooper for GNOME … The GNOME community is exploring ways to enhance task management tools in GNOME 3. “The design largely emphasizes task-driven interaction and explores ways that this model can be enabled more effectively on the desktop. In the design document, there is a reference to research conducted at PARC which found that many people use their e-mail inbox as an ad-hoc to-do list. Some of the new GNOME design concepts are a response to that pattern. The GNOME Task Pooper concept, which is intended to bring first-class task management to the desktop, has a content drop-zone that organizes itself temporally. It will automatically move expired content into an archive so that immediately relevant action items are easily accessible and not obscured by clutter. Beyond the initial 3.0 release, the document says that the Pooper could eventually be augmented so that users can drag entire windows and workspaces into it for later use.More

BPOS Federal … Microsoft is introducing an edition of Business Productivity Online for the Federal Government. “The main difference between these proposed SaaS solutions and the ones currently available is that it will be housed in separate facilities. For the federal government, security is the biggest concern when it comes to any form of networking, but Ron Markezich, corporate vice president of Microsoft, has told CNET that there should be no worries. He said: “No one else provides this [high level of security] for the public sector. We’ve raised the bar with regard to security and privacy.” The US government has recently sought to encourage the use of SaaS across its agencies and departments.” Why not “FPOS”?. More

Excel Hell … Why do users keep using Excel, when there are enterprise applications available to them? “Excel hell is not an evil Microsoft plot, or some sort of madness that descends upon otherwise sane managers and knowledge workers when they open the PC. It is the fault of enterprise software failing to provide an alternative … Most employees in an organization are voluntary users for the vast majority of processes. They don’t have to log onto the employee skills dashboard every week to check if their team is on track for their development goals. If once a year they log on to the HR application, complete the appraisals as fast as they can, and get out of there, they will. Many top sales people spend as little time as they possibility can in CRM systems. Many poor salespeople spend considerable time logged onto CRM applications.More

Other News
– Android is moving beyond the smartphone.
– PC World offers a menu of 16 tools to improve productivity and collaboration, all that cost nothing.
– Mark offers 9 ways to make meetings more effective, eg, #1, make people show up on time.

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