Messaging News (February 2010): Security and Collaboration Systems: Let's Not Forget the Simpler Actions

My article for the February 2010 edition of Messaging News is out: Security and Collaboration Systems: Let’s Not Forget the Simpler Actions:

There is no end to the investment you can make in securing your organization’s collaboration systems. In previous articles in this magazine, we have discussed collaboration system security from various perspectives: the risks in using hosted collaboration systems (2007), how to share documents in a secure way (2008), and most recently, a more general look at security considerations for collaboration systems (2009). But what happens if we make perfect investments in securing our collaboration systems, only to have end-users lose the devices they use to access those systems? With the proliferation of laptop- and smartphone-toting end-users, we have the makings of a disaster, if these devices are lost or compromised. What can we do to minimize these risks?

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