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News Updates (February 22, 2010)

NewsGator for iPhone and iPad … NewsGator released two new mobile clients for its add-on to SharePoint, for the iPhone and iPad. “The iPhone client, and a companion client for the soon-to-be-released iPad, provide on-the-road users with direct access to their enterprise social computing environments without the need for a browser, an extra layer of software that can complicate a work session. As a mobile client for NewsGator Social Sites, the social computing environment most deeply integrated into the SharePoint collaboration platform, the iPhone client accesses all the relevant updates from the user’s colleagues and communities.More

IBM and SNAPP for Quickr on iPhone … IBM and SNAPP announced SnappFiles, an iPhone application for accessing files stored in Lotus Quickr and FileNet P8. “The first offering, SnappFiles, demonstrated by IBM at MacWorld in San Francisco last week, is a free app available on the Apple App Store that delivers secure access to and collaboration on corporate documents stored in IBM Lotus Quickr or Filenet P8 ECM systems. With work underway to support other IBM ECM systems such as IBM Content Manager and Lotus Connections Files next month, SnappFiles is designed to be a single point of entry into corporate document management systems.” Available immediately. More

Microsoft: More Total Value than Google Apps … Microsoft is fighting back against Google Apps. “In the video comparing Microsoft Exchange to Google’s Gmail, the company points out security, administration and integration issues when Gmail is used in the corporate environment. “We have shown you just a few examples of how Google struggles to deliver the basics of business critical email,” the narrator of the video says at one point.More

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Active Directory .Next … NetworkWorld looks at what’s next for Microsoft Active Directory (eg, extending Active Directory to the cloud), as well as looking back over the past 10 years. “Most recently, Microsoft unveiled plans for the Next Generation Active Directory (NGAD), a modular add-on that is built on a database and designed to add querying capabilities and performance never before possible in a directory. NGAD also is a reshaping of the programming model for Active Directory.More

Metalogix Blog Migration … Metalogix released a new migration tool, for migrating blogs to SharePoint 2010. “Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs allows users to move blogs from Google Blogger, WordPress, Telligent and many other popular blogging systems into SharePoint 2010. The tool preserves content, comments and categories and features a tree-based user interface with copy-and-paste functions similar to the familiar Windows File Explorer. More

More Chatter … More details on the upcoming Chatter service from More
– Anyone at a company can use Chatter, but if a specific individual doesn’t have a license for Salesforce, they can only read what’s on Chatter.
– Chatter will be released in the middle of 2010.
– Per user per month charge is expected to be $50.

Gadgets that Increase Productivity … Michael asked for input on gadgets that actually increase productivity. Response included: a digital recorder, a BlackBerry (when used right), your mindset, an HP Mini notebook, and more. More

Other News
– RIM is almost ready to release an updated browser for the BlackBerry.
– Notes from Oracle about integrating Beehive and Outlook.

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