Michael's Happenings

Where in the world is Michael?

I leave for Europe tomorrow. It’s an action-packed two weeks of talking, listening, discussing, delivering, and learning. Basically:
– I’m in Denmark next week, for the IntraTeam Event 2010. I’m giving two sessions: a pre-conference workshop on User Adoption Strategies, and a conference keynote on Evaluating Collaboration Tools.
– I going to London for the weekend (March 5-7), to catch up with friends and go to places I like to visit when I’m in London, eg, the Salvation Army on Oxford Street for church on Sunday morning.
– I have two days of in-house workshops to start the next week (starting March 8), one in London focused on SharePoint Governance, and one in Norway focused on SharePoint, governance and user adoption.
– I will be in Ireland for two days, giving an Executive Briefing and presenting the SharePoint Roadmap masterclass. Both events are in conjunction with Storm Technology.
– I’m back in London on March 12, to present the SharePoint Roadmap masterclass. This is in conjunction with AdeoPoint.

And then it’s back home to New Zealand. I think I’m going to be tired.

So … I’m looking forward to the trip. I’m looking forward to meeting people who are only screen names or email addresses at the moment.

However … it’s going to be hard to keep the regular publishing schedule here. I’m hoping to keep writing the daily update … but that will depend on many factors (eg, energy, network access).

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