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Goodbye Australia

Four days in Australia for a variety of engagements are now done … and I’m at Melbourne International Airport awaiting my flight back to New Zealand.
– On Monday night, I spoke about User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools at Melbourne KMLF. I had a great time, and the discussion was excellent. There were numerous prolific Twitterers in attendance.
– Tuesday was the SharePoint Collaboration and Governance Masterclass in Melbourne. The day went well, but I wasn’t happy with one part of one of the presentations, so got up early on Wednesday morning and re-did the deck and flow, in preparation for …
– Wednesday was the same masterclass in Canberra, with (a) a revised deck on governance, and (b) more discussion around governance in small groups during the afternoon. I felt that it flowed much better, which is good preparation for my upcoming Europe Tour.

A couple of highlights for me from this trip:
– The RACV City Club in Melbourne, that we used for the masterclass on Tuesday, was just great. Great central location, inclusion of the data projector and screen in the room hire, and an indoor 25 meter pool. I was impressed, and I’ll be going back there again.
– I purchased a Vodafone Australia mobile broadband stick for use here, and it worked great … except at the hotel in Canberra. So … thanks to Vodafone for great 3G coverage in Melbourne and at the Canberra airport, but pleeaazzee, get it working better in Canberra (and actually, while I think about it, Melbourne airport (gate 9) was pretty bad too.)
– David, my almost 14-year son, came with me again to run the registration desk at both locations, and help with various tasks throughout the day. He did great … well done David.

Okay … so now back to New Zealand for a week, and then off to Europe. I must remember to tell Nicholas Bate when I’m in London for our annual coffee and chat.

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