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News Updates (February 18, 2010)

Start Chattering … Salesforce introduced an invite-only beta for Chatter, its forthcoming collaboration service. “Chatter, which Salesforce unveiled at its Dreamforce conference in November, is essentially a social networking system for businesses to use within their organizations. It’s slated to be generally available sometime this year …. Chatter provides a range of collaboration capabilities including user profiles, status updates, real-time feeds, document sharing, updates from other applications and links to other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.More
– Marc (Salesforce CEO) positions Chatter as follows: “The end of legacy collaboration software like Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus Notes is here.

Better Virtual Meetings … Citrix is hosting a webinar on effective online meetings next week. Learning points: “(1) the 3 most common mistakes made in online meetings, (2) how to engage remote meeting attendees – and keep them engaged, and (3) what to do about mixed online and in-person audiences.” Registration required. More

Ubidesk Goes Gold … The Ubidesk collaborative service exited beta. “We observed that document collaboration and task management were crucial for successful teamwork. In fact, how to coordinate documents and tasks for efficient team collaboration was even more critical; however, none of the tools available then offered a practical method of effective organization. At Ubidesk, not only can you create documents and tasks, but also you can link them for better organization.More

Windows Phone 7 … Is Microsoft cool again, in the smartphone world? “With Windows Phone 7, however, it seems Microsoft finally has some skin in the non-PC game. And yes, the name truly sucks. It screams “boring and predictable” in the way only a Microsoft product can. But apparently that’s the single thing about it that’s Microsoft-like. The company has thrown out the whole Windows metaphor — the useless CPU-cycle-sucking graphics, the folders within folders within folders, yadda yadda — and replaced it with a multitouch interface featuring a handful of colorful “live tiles.” Beneath those buttons you’ll find unified messaging that mashes together updates from social nets like Facebook and Windows Live (but not Twitter — yet), some stripped-down Office apps, Outlook, Bing, an apps marketplace, pretty much the entire Zune experience, and even a little Xbox Live.More
– Windows Phone 7 signals that Microsoft now knows that the phone is not a PC.
– But is it too little, too late?

RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express … RIM announced a free edition of its Enterprise Server, for use with Windows Small Business Server 2003 and 2008. “BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express works with Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003 and Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 and 2003 to provide users with secure, push-based, wireless access to email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks, as well as other business applications and enterprise systems behind the firewall. Importantly, the new server software utilizes the same robust security architecture found in BlackBerry Enterprise Server.” Available March 2010. More

MangoSpring Engage … MangoSpring released Engage, a new service that combines enterprise social networking and instant messaging. “In addition to the features businesses have come to expect in the new breed of enterprise social communication software – microblogging, follow/follower news feeds, user profiles, project team collaboration and file sharing – Engage integrates one-on-one instant messaging, group chat and presence throughout.More

Quickoffice on Good … Good Technology announced a partnership with Quickoffice, for the inclusion of Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite Viewer and Editor on iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian. “Good and Quickoffice are partnering to deliver an integrated and exceptional user experience for mobile collaboration with rich document editing and viewing capabilities for end users and complete security and manageability for the enterprise. With the combination of Good for Enterprise and Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite, users will be able to store and view PDFs and store, view and edit, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel documents, both online and offline, all within a completely secure and encrypted environment.More

Synchronica Mobile Gateway 5 … Synchronica released version 5 of its Mobile Gateway offering for service providers. “Mobile Gateway 5 enables operators to provide a broad range of mobile messaging services from a single platform aimed at increasing data usage and subscriber loyalty. Mobile Gateway enables users to connect to existing Internet communities such as Facebook, Google Mail/Talk and Web-Feeds, driving traffic and user uptake, but also enables operators to create their own Email and Instant Messaging communities, creating the “stickiness” that reduces churn.More

Other News
– The iPhone 3.2 SDK doesn’t include a lot of iPad-specific extensions.

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