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News Updates (February 11, 2010)

Synchronica MessagePhone … Synchronica released MessagePhone, a low cost smartphone with a keyboard, aimed at emerging markets. “MessagePhone enables operators in emerging markets to bring mobile data services to the mass market and to combat churn. MessagePhone, which is available in two models, is distributed by Brightstar, a multi-billion dollar global innovator in demand generation distribution and integrated supply chain solutions in the converging wireless and IT industries. Available immediately, the new MessagePhones offer advanced features, such as push email and synchronization services, mobile instant messaging, a full HTML web browser, and access to social networking sites. The Java-enabled MessagePhone handsets feature a full QWERTY keyboard, large color LCD screen, MP3 and MPEG4 player, camera, SD memory expansion, a robust personal information manager (PIM), optional Bluetooth connectivity, USB connector, and a built-in FM radio. MessagePhone is sold as a turnkey, integrated solution with an all-inclusive price as low as USD 99.More

HP Trim 7 … HP released version 7 of HP Trim, a records management system for SharePoint. “To help SharePoint Server customers, HP TRIM 7 provides two new modules: (a) HP TRIM Records Management improves business records management by providing transparent access to all the SharePoint Server content held in HP TRIM right from the SharePoint Server workspace. In addition, HP TRIM’s U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2 v3 certification means users are getting the highest levels of records management control for their enterprise content; (b) HP TRIM Archiving helps customers reduce the risk of data loss when reclaiming storage and system resources from SharePoint Server. The module seamlessly archives specific list objects in SharePoint Server, or entire SharePoint Server sites, to HP TRIM. This happens behind the scenes, which allows users to take entire SharePoint Server sites offline while ensuring continued access to information.More

Outsell Takes Gilbane … Outsell, an analyst company, acquired Gilbane Group, another analyst company. “Outsell is about 10 times bigger than Gilbane as an organization, but the brand is not very known. Hence, no wonder that Gilbane is staying as brand. The firm is also bigger in the media and web publishing space. About 70% of their business is selling information to publishing and media companies. Gilbane, on the other hand, majors (for about 70%) in selling information and consulting services across all types of enterprises, and only 30% is focused on the publishing business.More

AUT on Document Processes … AUT is looking at how it handles documents, via a consulting engagement with HP. “The project looks at key business processes, such as enrolment, to look for the most efficient way of executing them and the shortest process time, she says. The number of steps in a process and the people who touch it are quantified to establish a true process cost.More

Central Desktop 2.0 … Central Desktop is getting ready to roll out version 2. It’s hosting a webinar soon to discuss the changes. “Mark your calendars – the release of Central Desktop 2.0 is right around the corner! On February 21, all Central Desktop users will automatically be upgraded to this new version, which features a completely redesigned and more intuitively organized user interface. Central Desktop 2.0 will also include several additional new performance-enhancing features that will make Central Desktop even easier to use. This 1 hour webinar, hosted by Central Desktop’s CTO Arnulf Hsu, will give Central Desktop users an overview of the new user interface and all new features.” Registration required. More

Google Buzz Tour … Network World has an 18-slide visual tour of the new Google Buzz. “Google’s introduction of Google Buzz came on short notice, but it’s no small announcement. The search giant is looking to change social networking by integrating it into services that Google enthusiasts already use, such as Gmail, Google Maps and Google Profile. Here’s a visual tour of Google Buzz’s key features, both for computers and mobile phones.More

Google Buzz: But Why? … Mitch asks “why?” re Google Buzz. “It’s easy to see why Google built Buzz. Google wants to compete with Twitter and Facebook. What’s difficult to figure out is why people will want to use Google Buzz, when they can already use Twitter, Facebook, and a variety of other services to do the same thing. I hate to be a buzzkill, but I think Google Buzz will join the heap of failed Google services.More
– As does Dan: it’s late, boring, and lame.

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