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News Updates (February 12, 2010)

Office for Mac 2011 … Microsoft announced details of Office for Mac 2011, with plans for better compatibility with Windows, improved collaboration tools, and a better UI. “Also, as Microsoft announced last August, the suite will include Outlook for Mac, which replaces Entourage as Office’s e-mail client. And, in keeping with Microsoft’s 2008 promise, the new version of Office will offer renewed support for Visual Basic, which was dropped in the 2008 version of the productivity suite.More
– Aim: to make the Windows and Mac editions more functionally compatible.
– Support for document sharing via SharePoint, SkyDrive and Office Web Apps.
– The Ribbon is coming to Office for Mac.
– On document collaboration: “Those online tools will allow users to collaborate on documents with other Windows and Mac Office users in real time, much as you can in Google Docs now. You could, for example, create a document in Word on your laptop, save it to SkyDrive, then share it with others. A pop-up in Word will show you who’s working on the document; click on that list, and you’ll be able to send them a message (as long as everyone is using Outlook or Microsoft’s Messenger IM application). The paragraphs your collaborators are working on will be locked out until they’re done. You’ll also be able to edit those same documents from any computer, using Office’s Web apps. Mac users will have the same experience in the their versions of Safari and Firefox as Windows users get with their browsers.
– Outlook for Mac will support PST imports, and Microsoft IRM.

MindTouch and Paper … MindTouch announced a partnership with Fujitsu for integration between the ScanSnap scanners and the MindTouch collaboration platform. “Fujitsu and MindTouch have teamed to deliver a customer-ready solution for the upload, storage and sharing of documents in business-ready, web-based pages. With this joint solution, we have removed the biggest barrier to enterprise scanner adoption: no longer are scanned documents relegated to static images, in a network file share somewhere. Now, team members can view and edit documents regardless of their physical location. MindTouch is the industry’s leading provider of collaboration solutions which help teams work together across the web. The result of this partnership is unlimited information-sharing, across boundaries.More

Web 2.0 Tools Reduce Product Lead Times … Recent Aberdeen Research found that the use of Web 2.0 tools for product development results in faster time-to-market. “ … top manufacturers were able to dramatically reduce their product development lead times, while increasing product quality, by leveraging community collaboration tools. These tools range from Web 2.0 plug-ins (e.g., wikis, blogs, discussion forums) for product development applications to virtual meeting solutions (e.g., teleconferencing solutions, webcasts). Incorporating the voice of the consumer, while enabling real-time collaboration among employees, has been a core priority among product companies. As such, there is a continued need to leverage new social technologies that are available to support business initiatives.More

More Lotus on iPhones and Macs … IBM announced greater support in its Lotus products for the iPhone and Mac computers. “Organizations can now use IBM software for enterprise social networking; instant messaging; and securely encrypted email and collaborative applications with the iPhone and Mac. The new software includes Lotus Symphony 3.0, IBM’s office productivity suite, which is now available on the Mac, providing spreadsheets, presentations and documents free of charge. In addition, new offerings for the iPhone and Mac include Lotus Connections and Lotus Sametime, which customers can use to build professional networks with social capabilities such as blogs, wikis, activities and microblogging, as well as instant messaging capabilities. More
– IBM plans to support the iPad too.
– IBM joined the Enterprise Desktop Alliance, to support greater deployment of Macs in the enterprise.
– More at CNET News.

SharePoint Rackspace … Rackspace announced new hosting for SharePoint. “The Rackspace offering includes an intuitive control panel that allows administrators to quickly initiate SharePoint, add/remove users, and create SharePoint sites with only a few steps. The control panel also gives administrators the ability to manage Rackspace Email & Apps’ full suite of applications, including hosted Microsoft Exchange, Rackspace Email, Email Archiving, and Rackspace Cloud Drive and Server Backup, in one dashboard.More

Other News
– Brian reviews four new netbooks, including the HP Mini 5102.
– Google acquired Aardvark, a social search service.

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