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News Updates (February 10, 2010)

Day CQ 5.3 … Day Software released version 5.3 of its content management system, and included new social collaboration capabilities, among others. “Social Collaboration adds new support for Social Calendaring. With an enhanced drag-and-drop calendar component, online marketers can now easily create and target different displays of upcoming events,including daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views. Social Calendaring now includes automatic RSS feeds and iCal event subscription to enable easy out-of-the-box synchronization with personal and corporate calendars.More

Dividing up Projects … Tanya outlines a number of conditions when it makes sense to break up large projects. Eg, “(1) Project runs in parallel in multiple divisions or even external contractor organizations. Each division is responsible for the different parts of the project; (2) Parts of the complex project use different resources and budget; and (3) Specific sets of project related activities run concurrently and are handled mostly independently from each other.More

Kerio Connect 7 … Kerio re-branded its MailServer as “Connect”, and released version 7. “Kerio has announced the launch of Kerio Connect 7, a rebranded upgrade of its’ former Kerio MailServer, now features an option for customers to link standalone servers in multiple locations into a single distributed domain system, and gives greater emphasis to its’ contact and collaboration features. Kerio now has a security line as well as its’ traditional mail server product, but this was its’ original product back when it launched. But customer demand has changed since then, and now, so has this product.More
– Reason for the new name? “MailServer” no longer conveyed what the product did.
– Connect 7 includes CardDAV, for sync’g contacts between different applications and devices.

Gmail in Australia … Large organizations in Australia are reconsidering the performance and reliability of inhouse messaging systems, and opting for Gmail instead. “The net result of that stark evaluation? Macquarie is currently in the process of dumping its in-house Novell GroupWise email infrastructure and moving 6,000 staff to Google’s Gmail platform; a move that comes after the university already shifted some 68,000 students into Google’s cloud. Some may find such a switch dramatic and risky. After all, many questions abound about security, privacy and the degree to which cloud computing/vendor-hosted email platforms offer a sophisticated enough platform to be compared with a traditional email solution. And yet, Macquarie’s tale is a story that is becoming increasingly common in Australian organisations as many re-evaluate just what they want from an email platform, what they truly need or would settle for, and often most importantly, what they’re prepared to pay.More

Google Buzz … Google announced Buzz, an upgrade to Gmail with new social features. “Google Buzz is easily the company’s boldest attempt yet to build a social network. Imagine taking elements of Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, Yelp, and other social services, and shoving them together into one package. Now imagine covering that package in a layer that looks a lot like FriendFeed. Now imagine shoving that package inside of Gmail. That’s Buzz. If Google Wave is the future, Google Buzz is the present.More
– Sergey uses Buzz to collect feedback and ideas from multiple people at once.
– Sam offers a running commentary on the Buzz announcement.

New Yammer Execs … Yammer hired some new executives, to help support its next stage of growth and investment. “Yammer, Inc., the leader in Enterprise Microblogging and Real-time Communications, today announced key additions to its executive team. In the wake of raising $10 million in Series B financing, Yammer is strengthening its engineering, sales, and marketing leadership in order to drive the next phase of its rapid growth.More

Cisco on Tandberg … Cisco announced some of its plans for Tandberg, once the acquisition is complete. “At first glance, the moves show Cisco preserving much of Tandberg’s flagship videoconferencing lines and integrating Tandberg’s technology into its own video and telepresence families, with an eye toward minimal disruption of Tandberg’s channel. Cisco said in a statement Monday that the previously described plan to form a Cisco TelePresence Technology Group is still a go, as is the plan to create an architecture for supporting Tandberg products and other platforms integrated with Cisco.More

Connectivity vs Connected … Nancy writes about the problems that 24×7 connectivity brings for human connection. “This incident has stuck with me, as I see more people — colleagues, family and friends — abandon in-person interaction in favor of electronic communications. While it might be more efficient, expedient and less “messy” at times, I am concerned about what this trend will mean to our inclination and ability to have the kind of conversations that foster deep connections. In this edition, I reflect on the unintended consequences of our growing reliance on electronic communications, and explore some of the conscious choices we need to make as a result.” She lists five “costs”. More

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