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News Updates (February 9, 2010)

Co-Working … Co-working provides an opportunity for people working remotely from work to still have time with others. “Though working from home has advantages – increased autonomy and no need for a lengthy commute, for example – the solitude can sometimes drain motivation. However, a growing trend called co-working could help self-employed entrepreneurs both stay on track and develop valuable business connections …. Today, co-working spaces have popped up in nearly every major American city, with more than 75 other locations internationally. Using a central wiki at the co-working Google group, entrepreneurs can get connected to similar participants in categories that include working mothers, green businesses, and more.More

LotusLive Labs … LotusLive Labs is live, with 4 new “pre-alpha” offerings to explore. “LotusLive Labs will be available, with a range of pre-production services that are fully integrated with LotusLive, later this year. But you don’t have to wait to preview what lies ahead! Try these pre-alpha technologies now. Just login to your LotusLive account. Once there, look for the LotusLive Labs link and request access. But don’t delay, access will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis! Don’t have an account? Sign up for a trial of LotusLive Engage today.More

New Microsoft License … Microsoft is contemplating a new user license type, to support its new Azure platform. “The new license would help reduce complexity for large companies with workers with widely varying degrees of software usage. Heavy and regular users of a Microsoft app might require an on-premise server version, while light users can make do with a hosted version from Microsoft. SDTimes said the union license would either apply to Microsoft Office run locally and hosted on the just-launched Windows Azure, or to Exchange and SharePoint, which Microsoft offers in software and hosted form. The latter is via Microsoft’s year-and-a-half-old Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).More

Gwitter … Google is looking to add Twitter-like capabilities to Gmail. “Google plans to tweak Gmail to make it easier for its users to post and share status updates, in an attempt to inject the Web mail service with social-networking capabilities popularized by Twitter and Facebook, according to The Wall Street Journal. The announcement could come as early as this week, the Journal reported on Monday, quoting anonymous sources familiar with the plans.More

Facebook Email … Facebook plans to add an email component to its service. “Facebook is rolling out a new redesign, but the big change, a transformation of its instant messaging product into a full fledged Web mail application, is being developed behind the scenes, says Fox News. Facebook’s instant messenger is currently baked into the site: pay a visit to Facebook and you’re automatically logged into the messenger.More

Document Savings in Australia … Objective says that local governments in Australia are wasting $500 million a year via ineffective document collaboration. “Objective looked at the number and type of documents being produced, the standard of design, and brand consistency. The predicted savings come from the use of design templates for all documents (which is also likely to improve the appearance of documents that don’t justify the attention of a professional designer), process improvements (“fewer people, working on a document for less time”), and elimination of unnecessary or inappropriate print runs. Objective claims its uCreate software uniquely combines document-centric collaboration and multi-channel publishing capabilities. The company holds more than 50% of the UK local government market.More

Google’s A-Coming … Google is planning to release Google Voice for business, and roll-out Wave to everyone who wants it. “Google Enterprise President Dave Girouard said the company will release a version of Google Voice for businesses, roll out Google Wave to all users who want it and deliver as many as 200 small features to Google Apps in 2010 …. Girouard is particularly excited about the potential marriage of Google Apps with mobile technologies in 2010, not just through smartphones such as the Google Android-based Nexus One, but through the emergence of the Google Chrome Operating System and Chrome Web browser on netbooks.More

DataSync Calendar Sync’g … DataSync announced calendar sync’g for Zimbra and SugarCRM. “This exclusive feature will enable users to synchronize assigned phone calls and meetings from the SugarCRM system in their Zimbra calendar …. DataSync assists small businesses in focusing on their customers by connecting email, contacts, calendars, accounting software and websites to a central Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The software eliminates dual-entry, simplifies order processing and automates sales processes. DataSync’s entire software suite is a cloud-based service that is accessible from any web browser or mobile device, and can be connected to desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Overall, DataSync Suite eliminates costly and complicated internal IT infrastructure for small businesses and provides them with a single robust software platform on which to run their business.More

Collaboration Mobile in 2010 … Forrester found that mobile collaboration tools are expected to grow rapidly in 2010. “The Forrester team surveyed 3,904 information workers and found great excitement about about smartphones, “attracted by the ability to email, collaborate, and work with documents from anywhere.” While only 14% percent of information workers across the US, Canada, and UK already use smartphones, another 64% would like to. This compares with general consumers usage at 78% with mobile phones and 11% with smart phones. That yet to be fulfilled demand in information workers, along with some employers’ willingness to share monthly mobile costs, sets the stage for the surge. This calls for KM and other information professionals to determine a strategy for effective and coordinated usage. There is also the numbers to pressure mobile carriers to cut costs across plans.More

H3 Solutions and CorasWorks … H3 Solutions and CorasWorks announced a partnership, for extending CorasWorks applications to mobile devices. “Today, H3 Solutions, the provider of the industry’s first SharePoint integrated development platform for mobile applications, and CorasWorks, a global leader in applications and application development tools for Microsoft SharePoint, announced an alliance that will extend access of CorasWorks products to mobile devices. Under the terms of the agreement, H3 Solutions will provide access to its unique mobile application development framework for SharePoint, Mobile Entrée, to CorasWorks.More

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