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Ed Brill on my Lotus Roadmap Report

Ed Brill from IBM Lotus has posted his reaction to my Lotus Roadmap report (January 2010):

Michael Sampson looks to me like he can see the future. Though he was never briefed on what was coming at Lotusphere 2010, in January, he published a white paper on the Lotus roadmap.

This is an excellent report and should offer much confidence for anyone considering their future direction with Lotus software, and Notes and Domino specifically. An update with some of the IBM Project Vulcan news from Lotusphere is all that one would need to add to this paper for a high degree of understanding of the future.

Michael’s name as an analyst should be familiar to many in the Lotus community for years of understanding our marketplace. He’s branched out to other technology providers and solutions, and that makes it all the more impressive that he continues to be able to conduct such a deep, fact-based analysis of what’s going on at IBM Lotus.

Thanks Ed!

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