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KMLF session on User Adoption Strategies: February 15, 2010

I’m presenting a discussion session on user adoption strategies for collaboration technologies at an upcoming KMLF (Knowledge Management Leadership Forum) meeting in Melbourne. Date is February 15.

What is the biggest complaint around the introduction of new collaboration technologies into a group or organization? The answer: No one uses them.

New tools are often rejected. The very people who are supposed to use them don’t do so—they keep going with earlier ways of working. Sometimes “culture” is blamed for this failure, but our speaker, Michael Sampson believes it is more accurate to point the finger at the lack of intentional effort on user adoption.

This discussion session provides an opportunity to learn about user adoption strategies, how other organizations around the world are tackling user adoption for collaboration technologies, and to share what strategies are working well in your organization.

See the KMLF web site for RSVP details.

I’m sure there will be a draw for some goodie or other!

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