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News Updates (October 30, 2009)

Colligo Webinar on Exchange and SharePoint … Colligo is hosting a webinar on November 18 about migrating Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint. “Exchange Public Folders are being replaced by SharePoint in many organizations, because it is a better choice for document sharing and collaboration applications. Once you’ve made the decision to migrate to SharePoint, how do you ensure a successful project from both the content migration and end-user adoption points of view? Attend this practical “How To” webinar to learn the secrets of designing and implementing a complete end-to-end solution for migrating from public folders to SharePoint. Join Adam Woodruff, SharePoint Solutions Architect at Quest Software and Barry Jinks, Founder and CEO of Colligo Networks as they provide the strategy, tools, and secrets to a successful migration.” Registration required. More

Apple Tablet for News … Apple is shopping around its (forthcoming) Tablet with news and media companies. “Apple has sent specifications of the device to Australian media companies in an effort to sound out whether they would be interested in delivering their content to the tablet. None would speak about the device on the record. But New York Times executive editor Bill Keller seemed to let the cat out of the bag in comments during an off-the-record meeting with New York Times digital staff this month. Footage of his talk has been published online.More

Central Desktop Branded … Central Desktop announced a branded edition of its collaboration software for Duct Tape Marketing. “Customized specifically for small business owners who utilize Duct Tape’s marketing techniques and strategies, the Duct Tape Marketing Collaboration Solution features exclusive content such as a digital version of John Jantsch’s book “Referral Flood.” Created by John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing is the first small business marketing program that treats marketing as an integrated system. The Duct Tape Marketing system consists of strategies and steps that any business, regardless of size, can use to produce significant marketing results.More

Motorola Droid … Motorola’s new Droid phone is looking good, and sets the standard for Android-based devices. “The key to the Droid’s success is its platform. It is the first smartphone to ship with Google Android 2.0 (Eclair), the next-generation version of that operating system. Running on a superior Texas Instruments OMAP 3430 processor, that translates to a snappiness that wasn’t apparent in earlier Android phones and, until now, was limited only to the iPhone and Palm Pre, the latter of which shares the same chip. Android has always offered multitasking and a clean, touch-optimized interface, but now the hardware has caught up sufficiently to allow the OS to really shine. Scrolling is incredibly quick and transitions are on point.More
– It has a QWERTY slide-out keyboard.
– The Droid will be available via Verizon from November 6.

Other Items
– Is Windows 7 Microsoft’s last chance?
– David offers a list of collaboration tools to help with meeting scheduling, document co-authoring, holding a discussion, and more.
– Allen County is testing the idea of collaborative divorces.

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