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News Updates (October 22, 2009)

Burton Group On-Demand Training … Burton Group Institute released new on-demand training on SharePoint and social networking. Eg, the 7 hour workshop on SharePoint and governance, “SharePoint 2007 has been a runaway success, offering Office-centricity and ease-of-use to workers interested in storing and sharing information. However, its ease-of-use is also a snare and a delusion, in many cases fostering uncontrolled proliferation of thousands of SharePoint sites that have different navigation, taxonomy, and security models. This workshop addresses SharePoint infrastructure planning and governance issues as well as the future of SharePoint.” If any reader is interested in a coupon code for the above workshop, please let me know. More

Shift Worldwide on Virtual Conference Rooms … Shift Worldwide released Virtual Conference Rooms, a new conferencing options. ““Each conference room allows for 16 Hi-Definition video feeds at one time, creating a psycho-social stimulus that holds people’s attention. Participants lose anonymity and the platform deters multitasking. By seeing one another, participants stay engaged and are more motivated to participate. Our platform creates an active audience focused on live conversation, not just passive presentation.” Along with a standard suite of tools for sharing documents, materials, and computer-based applications, Shift Worldwide helps clients optimize, plan and produce their meetings. The flexibility of the platform is such that it can be easily branded and customized to meet most client needs.” Available immediately. More

BlackBerry Bold 9700 … RIM released the Bold 9700 smartphone, the next iteration of its Bold line. “The BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone offers top-of-the-line performance, functionality and features with support for 3G HSDPA networks around the world, a next-generation (624 MHz) processor, 256 MB Flash memory, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi®, a 3.2MP camera and a sharp, dazzling display. Cutting edge engineering and premium finishes extend to the exterior of the handset as well, with a smoothly integrated touch-sensitive trackpad and a highly tactile, distinctive, fretted keyboard. The dark chrome frame and leatherette back add to the new smartphone’s sleek and elegant look, while the narrow profile, balanced weight and soft-touch sides allow it to feel incredibly comfortable in one hand.” Available November. More
InformationWeek review.

Other Items
– Scott Dietzen has quit Yahoo as VP of Applications. Scott came to Yahoo through the Zimbra acquisition.
– Windows 7 comes out tomorrow. Can you Windows XP box handle it?
– Gen Y will give up social networks before email. Apparently.
– The Mac team at Microsoft are working on SharePoint Workspace for Mac.

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