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News Updates (October 23, 2009)

Telepresence in Law … Red Hill Law Group is using BrightCom video conferencing equipment to create a telepresence solution for multi-site collaboration. “Red Hill Law Group lawyers can share information by posting images, documents and video in real time. Users log in to meetings through the Web via laptops, desktops and ClearView conferencing systems. Participants can also control the meeting floor, share and remotely manipulate desktops and mark up images, video, documents and other business materials such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. In addition, users can share Web browser links and offer content across multiple screens. Meeting can also be recorded for replays and archives. This can all be achieved without connecting wires, using projectors or printing out materials and mailing them as preparation for the meeting.More

Google in the Enterprise … Google CEO Schmidt expects Google to earn a billion dollars a year from its enterprise products. “Schmidt said a couple of million customers are using Google’s enterprise products today, because Google’s solutions are so inexpensive, and talked about how Google’s products are either free or $50 per user. He said Google does have a dedicated enterprise sales and support team, and is adding all the necessary features to have enterprise class mail, calendar, IM, etc. He said the products were still in progress, with the consumer and the enterprise growing together. “We’re not trying to design the future; we’re trying to invent it as we go.” He said that when he talks to enterprise customers, they complain about their existing solutions, particularly in the mobile applications world. Customers want things like secure mobile applications and document retention policies.More

Qtask Upgrades … Qtask announced a set of upgrades to its collaboration and project management service. Eg, “The new Outlook plug-in enables users to sync their Outlook calendar with their global Qtask calendar and vice versa. By synching Outlook and Qtask calendars, users can ensure important meetings or deadlines aren’t missed. This feature helps users coordinate with other people within an organization or project such as vendors or clients, who may not be using Qtask yet while maintaining the communication history within the project. The Qtask Outlook plug-in allows Qtask features, such as the ability to assign a meeting to a specific project and to define meeting roles amongst attendees to appear in an Outlook meeting, while capturing the history of the meeting in Qtask. Access to Outlook email through Qtask and import of Outlook contacts were already available, as was access to any email directly supporting IMAP.” Other new features include drag-and-drop for files, and a wiki. More

Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service … Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service is a development tool that enables developers to build collaborative capabilities into their applications. Eg, “Easily integrate text chat, whiteboard, webcam, and VoIP functionality; Rapidly build and deploy applications with the complete SDK; Manage user and session data; and Host applications in a managed environment.More (hat tip, this blog)

Mockflow … Mockflow provides a collaborative environment for wireframing. “A key part of interface design is an exercise known as “wireframing.” In this design phase, elements of an interface are blocked out roughly to show relative placement, interaction, and functionality. It is a rapid way to talk through functional requirements of a project and get buy-in from stakeholders without having to waste a lot of time on visual design that won’t remain in a finished product. Mockflow is a flash-based, online, collaborative wireframing tool for Web and Software designers. It contains a fairly complete set of wireframe elements and icons for use in your wireframe with flexible customizability of all the elements. The killer app of the tool is it’s ability to collaborate in real-time with other team members online. Very, very useful for distributed teams.” Available immediately, in free and for-fee variants. More

Wikis in Business … Alyssa offers a list of use cases for wikis in business: project management, file archiving, support, operations, collaboration, and as a notebook. “Wikis have been around for a while, but their application to individual business needs seems to be growing. Not only are wikis a great way to collect information, but they also allow for easier collaboration, version tracking and file management – all vital features for any type of client project or team-based work. Plus, there are many more uses that may be less obvious.More

EMC and SharePoint … EMC announced EMC Documentum Repository Services for SharePoint, a new offering to help companies manage their SharePoint content. “EMC announced a new product this week, EMC Documentum Repository Services for SharePoint, which lets companies manage multiple SharePoint sites inside a Documentum content management repository …. The solution could seem to be redundant technology, a content management system for a content management system, but the fact is that companies typically have many SharePoint installations in place. Its strength is the ability to set up a SharePoint site very quickly, but this can quickly result in many sites spread across the organization, making it difficult for administrators to understand where all this content resides. A system like Documentum can help bring that under control.More
– The EMC press release, which talks about four EMC offerings for SharePoint.
Repository Services home page, at

ePals LearningSpace … ePals launched LearningSpace, a controlled online workspace and social network for schools. “The goal of LearningSpace is to provide all of the standard Web 2.0 tools for collaborative learning and social interaction, including forums, wikis, blogs, etc., while still giving user schools and districts the control necessary to keep their students from accessing information or media that some might find inappropriate for K-12 students. Administrators can create and manage specific groups for collaborative learning and others for social interaction, all customizable by subject or other category, and can set permissions in each group for each tool, allowing them to control access and monitor activity while avoiding the security threats and other safety concerns posed by access to and, more importantly, from the World Wide Web.More

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