Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Success Mentoring Workshop (Washington DC)

I can’t make it to Washington DC this month, but if I could, I’d be doing so to attend the upcoming SharePoint Success Mentoring Workshop run by Dux Sy, Paul Culmsee, Ruven Gotz, and Andrew Woodward. Here’s the scoop:

Have you implemented SharePoint? If you have, how did it go? How is it being adopted in your business? Microsoft SharePoint technologies provide a framework for effective team based collaboration. However, effective collaboration goes much deeper than the tool. The ability to drive innovation, and engage with the business for maximum benefit is essential to reap the benefits of SharePoint.

How would you like to have four leading SharePoint thought leaders in
Organizational Change, Project Management, Requirements Development and Agile Methodology from around the world mentoring you to make sure you can deliver SharePoint success?

Let Andrew, Dux, Paul and Ruven guide you in a collection of SharePoint mentoring sessions that will equip you with the essential knowledge and critical skills to manage the business, people, and process aspects of implementing SharePoint. This is a unique, one-off event and numbers will be strictly limited. Come and attend this 3 day mentoring workshop in Reston, VA from August 19-21, 2009.

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