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News Updates (August 7, 2009)

Voice Workflow at Law Firm … A Minnesota law firm has implemented a voice workflow system to help improve productivity. “Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A., a Minnesota-based law firm, has announced it has realized considerable efficiency gains and cost savings from implementing BigHand voice productivity software. The software has allowed teams of experienced legal secretaries to collaborate instantly to get more work done, help each other out at peak times and adopt a highly proactive approach in regards firm-wide workload and client deadlines. The project has had a particularly positive impact during a summer vacation period where staffing levels can be abnormal.More, BigHand

Telepresence Up, UC Down … Cisco reported that telepresence sales increased, while UC sales declined. “Cisco had revenues of $8.5 billion for the quarter, down from $10.4 billion from its fiscal Q4 2008. The company had $1.1 billion in net income for the quarter, down from $2 billion in fiscal Q4 2008. Cisco reported sales of unified communications systems were down 5 percent for the fiscal year, which contributed to a 19 percent year-over-year decline in the company’s advanced technologies division revenues. Cisco’s TelePresence product line, however, saw a 97 percent revenue increase for the fiscal year, showing how much interest has arisen in these cost-saving collaboration tools during the global recession.More

Team Apart … Team Apart went into private beta; it’s a new real-time collaboration service. “As with similar collaboration services, Team Apart revolves around voice and audio chat, along with document sharing and editing. Alongside the video chat, you can edit a notepad and free-form whiteboard (multiple people can edit the same thing at once, and it’s updated in real-time). You can also upload documents and photos, which will become visible to everyone else in the meeting in a matter of seconds. Entering a meeting involves simply clicking a link — there’s no plugin needed (it’s based on Flash) and the service is free.More, Team Apart

99% Perspiration … Focus is required to shift someone from average to a high performer. “In many cases, being a genius isn’t a matter of being overly smart. It is a matter of mental discipline to pay attention and hold yourself to a higher standard than just what you know you can get by with. Geniuses are the ones that pay attention to what they are doing and give the task at hand 100% of their mental effort. Results don’t happen right away, but over time, people who pay attention pull far out in front of the people who are doing their work with the bare minimal mental effort necessary.More

PBWorks for School Districts … PBWorks introduced an edition of its hosted collaboration service for K-12 school districts. “PBworks District Edition gives each school in a district unlimited online workspaces for classroom use. Individual teachers can create as many workspaces as they want, while school administrators can use a central Campus Dashboard to administer their school’s activity. The District Edition also includes extensive training courses and other educational materials, including priority registration for PBworks’ famed Summer Camp for individual teachers.More

Other Items
– Forrester released its Collaboration Platform Q32009 report.
– Metalogix released Universal SharePoint Manager 2007, a tool for IT administrators.
– NomaDesk released a Mac and iPhone version of its document sharing and collaboration tool.
– IBM released short demo videos of Lotus Connections 2.5.
– OneHub revised how it does notification emails.
– Zoho released a calendar plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

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