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News Updates (January 30, 2009)

EverNote and Google Notebook … EverNote added an option to import entries from Google Notebook. “Recently, Google announced that they were stopping development on Google Notebook. We’re big fans of Google Notebook, in fact many of used it before Evernote came along. When we heard the news, we immediately began work on a Google Notebook import tool. Today, it’s ready. So, all of you Google Notebook users can now easily bring your notes, labels, and sections right into Evernote.More

Tungle and Lotus Notes … IBM and Tungle announced planned integration between the Tungle online calendaring service and IBM Lotus Notes. More
– see concept screenshot
– see Ed’s comments, “Once the integration is done, I think we’ll all be more effective at meeting scheduling. I especially like how Tungle starts with a wide aperture of available times, and then eventually narrows down such that the last person to respond effectively chooses the meeting time. I wonder if that will change behavior.

Offline Gmail … Google announced offline support for Gmail, albeit in experimental mode. Kevin writes, “Once you enable the feature, Gmail will pull down and store a local copy of your mailbox. So unlike the Gears support in Google Reader that I use often, you don’t need to “take” your mail offline. Instead, Gmail will intelligently switch to offline mode by itself whenever it realizes there’s no connection. At that point, you can take action on your local mail store and create new messages. Once Gmail sees a connection, those actions take place on the server side and mail sitting in your Outbox is sent. Google even offers a “flaky connection mode” for when your signal is playing hide-and-seek. In this mode, it works from your local offline cache but trys to synchronize in the background.More

SharePoint Workflow Resource Center … SharePoint Solutions released a new workflow resource center for SharePoint. “Welcome to our SharePoint workflow resource center! Below you will find links to web pages, white papers, free webinars, blog posts, training classes and case studies – all pertaining to SharePoint workflows using the powerful toolset that comes with SharePoint Designer 2007. We hope these resources will be helpful and inspire you to “push the envelope” on automating common business processes for your organization!More

NewsGator SCORE … NewsGator released an online assessment tool to help organizations determine where and how social computing tools can help. “The easy interactive questionnaire poses 25 questions about your specific workplace and its information needs, collaboration requirements, knowledge work, IT challenges, customer base and competitive landscape. Then it scores your organization on a zero-to-100 scale depending on the urgency of the need for enterprise social computing technology. At the same time, it generates a tailored, vendor-neutral list of tool recommendations plus specific, quantifiable business benefits to expect.More

iPhone Whiteboard … Whiteboard is a collaborative virtual sketchpad for iPhone customers. “Whiteboard turns any iPhone into a virtual sketchpad, allowing you to quickly rough out images using the your finger on the touch screen. Users can choose from a set of standard colors with the option of changing pen sizes. An eraser is also available. Consider it the latest version of the “back of the napkin” sketch. But the real magic happens when two Whiteboard users come into close proximity of one another. Using the built-in wi-fi functionality, Whiteboard gives users the option to wirelessly tether two handsets together. The result? A collaborative sketchpad where users can draw on the same surface – even if they’re across the room from one another.More

CASAHL ecKnowledge 9.6 … CASAHL released Version 9.6 of ecKnowledge, its collaboration middleware product. “ecKnowledge. 9.6 adds support for Lotus Quickr for Portal, FileNet, and Content Manager, and expands existing support for Lotus Quickr document libraries, standard and custom forms and pages, discussion threads, wikis, and blogs. This new release also supports the migration of security access control (ACL) information between Lotus Notes, Lotus Quickr, and SharePoint (WSS, SPS 2003, and MOSS). ecKnowledge 9.6 also adds support for MOSS 2007 publishing sites and page libraries and expands existing support for SharePoint document libraries, standard and custom forms, discussion boards, content types, wikis and blogs.More

Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint … Quest released an updated edition of Site Administrator for SharePoint, its permissions management and auditing technology for SharePoint. “Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint simplifies SharePoint security and compliance with its new point-and-click permissions management. Administrators can now centrally manage and modify security on SharePoint 2007 servers, quickly establishing group memberships and permissions. Administrative burdens are also reduced by allowing administrators to clone and recover permissions. In addition, the new comprehensive auditing feature allows users to better manage their environments by collecting event log data, adding important events, and running specialized reports. This information is then stored in a user-friendly format containing all operational events and audit-critical activity related to the SharePoint environment.More

Binary Tree and CASAHL … Binary Tree announced a partnership with CASAHL Technology, for reselling products to enable customers to gain better migration and integration offerings for Lotus Notes and Microsoft technologies. More

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