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News Updates (January 29, 2009)

3StepShare … Lookout Software introduced 3StepShare, for sharing Outlook calendar, contact, task and mail folders in a group without an Exchange Server. “3Step Share is an affordable and easy-to-use plugin application for Microsoft Outlook that enables you to share your Outlook calendar, contact, task and mail folders. 3Step Share is ideal for small businesses, organizational teams and/or families because it enables the sharing of Outlook calendar and other folders without the need for Microsoft Exchange Server.More

The ROI for Unified Communications … Mike picks apart an IBM piece on justifying investments in unified communications, noting where they got in right and wrong. Eg, on long distance call cost savings, Mike says “Thumbs-Up: It’s important to note here the different between channel switching (from telephone to IM or VoIP chat) vs. time-saved by reducing phone calls. The example is correct in that there are some costs associated with telephones (and international calls as outlined below) that can be avoided if you use another communication channel. That’s a real opportunity for business and IT strategists to consider.More

Microsoft PerformancePoint Server Change … Microsoft announced a change in direction for business process management, folding PerformancePoint Server into SharePoint. “First released in September 2007, PerformancePoint Server 2007’s features will in the future be available via client access licenses of the enterprise version of SharePoint Server, said Kurt DelBene, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Office business group, in a statement on the company’s Web site.More
eWeek, “In its limited-distribution statement, Microsoft said that the PerformancePoint capabilities will appear in a product called “PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint,” and will be available free of charge to licensed SharePoint customers through the upcoming Enterprise CAL version of SharePoint Server.
Cubegeek, “PPS was a decent product. It had particular strengths and weaknesses that you might expect from a version one launch, but in my revised opinion – the kind of opinion I could afford to develop after I left the team, there were certain things that simply doomed it. Only one of them had to do with the technology.

Lotus Sametime 8.5 … IBM introduced Sametime 8.5 at Lotusphere, with a new online meeting client. “We think most web conferencing systems are simply too cumbersome for regular use. Raise your hand if you’re tired of losing the first 10 minutes of every meeting to sharing URLs, repeating IDs or waiting for plugins to download to your browser? We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in rethinking how meetings work in Sametime. Our goal is to make them so easy, everyone will want to use them everyday.More

TANDBERG Profile … TANDBERG released the Profile, a new high-def video conferencing system. “The TANDBERG Profile has an intelligent, user-friendly interface and is flexible for any team room environment. Its three widescreen LCD display options (single 42”, single 52” or dual 52”) coupled with full duplex audio and a strategically placed PrecisionHD™ 1080p camera allow for better eye-contact and more natural communication. The sleek, attractive design of the Profile also incorporates recyclable aluminum materials.” Available immediately. More

Out of View, Out of Mind? … Debbie reminds us of the importance of interaction for remote workers. “Just because you don’t see your entire work force doesn’t mean they aren’t out there working hard AND in need of information and connection to you. With the remote workforce growing keeping them connected is a bigger and bigger issue. I have blogged on this topic before but it just keeps surfacing! Remote workers quit more times than not because of lack of connection NOT because they are unhappy with their job description/tasks. Remote workers, more than anyone need Enterprise 2.0 tools to be deployed in their businesses.More

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