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News Updates (January 26, 2009)

CA Acquired Orchestria … CA announced its acquisition of Orchestria, a vendor that helps firms avoid data loss. “CA will develop and sell Orchestria’s information-centric DLP product in the rapidly growing DLP market. It also plans to transform the way organizations think about DLP, identity management and information security overall. Organizations and auditors need to know who has access to data and what they can do with it at a role or user level. By using Orchestria’s DLP technology with CA identity and access management solutions, organizations will now be able to consolidate and strengthen their security postures by including information-centric policies in the process of centrally managing users and roles, and their access throughout the enterprise.More

For Those Who Hate Microsoft Outlook … It’s unusual to see an article in ComputerWorld dealing with people who “hate Microsoft Outlook”, but there it is, and with 10 suggestions on how to resolve said hatred. “Microsoft Outlook is a nearly ubiquitous presence in PC computing — and, seemingly, a universally reviled one. Outlook has countless features, ranging from e-mail gathering to calendaring, contact tracking, to-do list creation and more — yet its tendency toward bloat, sluggishness and unreliability can make it maddening to use.More

SugarSync Shared Folders … SugarSync (one of the best tools I use everyday!) released a new edition, and added folder sharing. “Now you can share any folder with anyone – business partners, colleagues, family and friends. SugarSync makes it seamless for others to work on the content as if they were working on their own. SugarSync also keeps track of the changes for you so you will always be on top of your files. We make sure you have the full control of your folders and peace of mind to share them.More

NewsGator Webinar … NewsGator is hosting a webinar on January 28 about the benefits of social computing. “Despite the economic crunch, social computing continues to be a hot topic and major point of interest for enterprise organizations. There are a number of both business and technical benefits that continue to drive interest in social computing solutions. J.B. Holston, CEO & President, and Dave Keller, General Manager, invite you to join them as they share their experience and insight of how social computing can help drive business value and competitive advantage in a down market.” Registration required. More

Collaboration Cafe in SharePoint … Lee outlines 12 steps to creating a collaboration cafe in SharePoint. “One of the best ways to support your users is to build and nurture a community of learning where users teach one another. In short, you should consider creating a Collaboration Café that allows people to share their success stories with one another as well as learn SharePoint from the SharePoint expert (yes….that’s you).More

And from Left-Field … 3D Printing … Ah, nothing like rapid prototyping of words, slide decks and concepts … it’s almost time for rapid prototyping of things. Make the price come down by an order of magnitude, and we’ll be really “printing”! More

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