Michael Gannotti on Seamless Teamwork

I’ve been waiting for Michael Gannotti’s review of Seamless Teamwork, and earlier today it happened!

Mike writes:

Well for those of you looking for a helping hand directed at everyday business folks I have just finished reading a book that quite frankly I wish we gave out en-mass to all customers who purchased SharePoint. The book, “Seamless Teamwork – Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways,” is just the prescription for those looking for a practical business use focused, eminently practical approach to using SharePoint to help you and your team get your jobs done. Focusing on team projects the book provides insight as to how and why SharePoint can help as well as then walk you through practical use of the tool in the context of a complete team project life cycle. The examples used are straightforward and be extremely practical can be implemented rapidly. Best of all as you follow and implement the various components you are learning re-usable SharePoint skills in a natural flow that will help you in future endeavors as well.

There are many books out there covering SharePoint but this is my favorite to date in terms of end user coverage. Here in the Greater Southeast District we like it so much that we just bought a boatload of copies to hand out to attendees of our Microsoft Connections events taking place.

Thanks Mike! I like the bit about handing them out “en-mass to all customers who purchased SharePoint.” 🙂

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