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News Updates (January 23, 2009)

Autonomy Acquired Interwoven … Autonomy announced the acquisition of Interwoven, for US$775 million. “The combination of Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing technologies (IDOL) (with its ability to understand content) with Interwoven’s suite of products (focussed on managing the interactions of people and content) will create a new set of technologies, updating and enhancing Interwoven’s products by significantly reducing the levels of manual effort now required. These technologies are ready to address the new need for manage-in-place and extend Autonomy’s reach into a new customer base. Interwoven’s products know what the customer interactions are, and Autonomy’s IDOL will allow them to know what they mean.More

Profiting from Collaboration … Google and P&G struck an agreement for better business collaboration, and found at least three major benefits: (1) identification of missed opportunities, (2) learning how to embrace change, and (3) understanding each others language. “External collaboration can have many advantages. The biggest being that it allows new ideas and disciplines to enter the organization, some (or most) of which challenge the status quo of practices, processes and the way the industry works.More

Altus Live Business Webcasting … Altus Learning Systems introduced Altus Live, an audio and video business webcasting service. “Altus Live webcasting delivers high-quality, streaming content branded and packaged into a customized user experience that creates a powerful impression on the audience. Altus Live features searchable audio and video, synchronized presentation slides and interactive features such as polling, questions and answers.More

AIIM and CMS Watch Partnership … AIIM and CMS Watch announced new technology-based education programs, called AIIM Essentials. “AIIM’s technology series of educational programs delivers a vendor-neutral and independent perspective on technology tools and what to look for when evaluating solutions, while our business series of certificate programs addresses the many challenges of governance and management when applying these technologies to a business problem.” There are new courses on eDiscovery and SharePoint, among others. More

Microsoft to Cut 5000 Staff … Microsoft announced plans to cut 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months, and disestablished 1.400 immediately. Mini-Microsoft would be pleased, but would probably say “about time” or “too late”. “Microsoft also warned that the business outlook is uncertain for the rest of its fiscal year, and as a result it will no longer offer revenue and earnings per share guidance.More

IBM on Mobility … IBM announced a slew of new things to enhance mobile access to Lotus tools: (1) new carrier partnerships with Verizon Wireless and Orange for access to Notes Mail, (2) Samsung support of the Lotus Notes Traveler software, (3) upcoming support for Microsoft ActiveSync in a future version of Lotus Notes Traveler, and (4) version 8.5 of Lotus Sametime, with a new look and more. “Gone are the days of wasting the first 10 minutes of a meeting sharing meeting details and downloading code just to participate. The latest version of IBM Lotus Sametime features always-ready, reservation-less meetings, a zero-download Web client and the ability to add meeting participants by dragging and dropping names from the instant messaging contact list.” Available 2H2009. More

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