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WWPYCBW: Technology (September 15, 2008)

IBM Bluehouse
IBM Bluehouse is an online meeting support tool, assisting with planning the meeting, holding the meeting, and doing the work after the meeting. “Bluehouse includes the ability to store files, so that all your files relating to a project or team objective are available in one place. It organizes all your contacts needed for that project or piece of work. There is even a chart feature, to help you visualize your data. And it offers something called “Activities” which appears to be the framework under which you keep track of comments from team members, files and otherwise organize a variety of information sources that you need to conduct your work.

Chandler Server 1.1
Chandler released Version 1.1 of Chandler Server. “This release contains two significant features and four bug fixes. Any user can now delete their own account and data by using the settings dialog. Interoperability with some CalDAV implementations including iCal 3 should be improved by support for the CTAG draft standard.

Mimi also talked about next steps for the Chandler Project. One of the main items is a re-architecting of the Chandler desktop client.

Quick Links
– Circle Dock for Windows XP and Vista: a new way to access shortcuts.
– Volker asks: What is the core strength of Lotus Notes?
– Carbon Fin is an outliner tool for the iPhone. Version 1.2 is coming soon.
– Peter recently presented about SharePoint and project management, and a link between AutoCAD and SharePoint.

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