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WWPYCBW: Technology (September 12, 2008)

HyperOffice in Spanish
HyperOffice released a Spanish language version of its collaboration service. “Available in English for several years, the award-winning webware makes it easier for owners, employees, clients, partners and suppliers of growing businesses to collaborate, communicate, plan projects, share documents, schedule meetings and tasks, and manage information, anytime, from work, from home, while traveling.

Yammer for Enterprise Conversation
Yammer is a Twitter-variant for the enterprise, enabling people to share ambient information. “Teams can communicate as if they were all sitting in a room together, and can be freed from the archaic idea that they need to physically be in the same place to work together. Cut costs, go green, be more efficient, leverage as many buzzwords as you can shake a stick at. It would also be great for letting managers see what their team is doing at a glance, and getting new team members into the mix quickly.” There are still things that Yammer needs to get right yet, such as security and directory integration. See Yammer.

AvePoint DocAve 5.0 for SharePoint
AvePoint released Version 5.0 of DocAve, its infrastructure management tool for SharePoint. “With groundbreaking new functionalities, a fully-integrated and streamlined user interface, and a fully-distributed, highly reliable architecture redesign, DocAve 5.0 represents the latest demonstration of AvePoint’s on-going commitment to providing best-in-class, first-in-class products. With new modules for Lotus Notes migration to SharePoint and SharePoint deployment management, and potent enhancements to existing modules, 5.0 reaffirms DocAve’s place as the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-class SharePoint infrastructure management solution array.” Note that the Notes migration tool is for content only, not application logic.

Yuuguu with Linux
Yuuguu released Linux support for its screen sharing tool. “Free to download, Yuuguu is a new real-time collaborative technology that enables secure screen sharing, instant messaging and the ability to work on the same document together in real time. Yuuguu enables users to securely share their screen with anyone at any time on PC, Mac and Linux. The company’s powerful personal networking tool also allows you to see when colleagues or friends are online, and is the most flexible, simple and cost effective solution in the online collaboration market today.

Visto Mobile 6 with Social Networking
Visto announced Version 6 of its mobile offering, with new social networking tools. “Featuring an innovative “living address book,” VISTO Mobile 6 offers end users expanded push mobile email and mobile social networking capabilities. This living address book combines favorite contacts from multiple sources, including social networks, into a seamless user interface. VISTO Mobile 6 utilizes VISTO’s patented push and synchronization technology to keep users constantly up to date in real time on their messaging and social networking activities.

From SearchMobileComputing: “Park said that companies are recognizing the value of providing their mobile employees access to mobile social networking, particularly LinkedIn and Facebook, which can be valuable for connecting with business contacts.” Matt Park is the director of product management at Visto.

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