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WWPYCBW: Technology (September 16, 2008)

Google Apps in the Enterprise
Craig writes that Google Apps can’t offer a quantum leap in productivity for enterprise customers, hence the slow adoption. “Fourth, large enterprises are behemoths–enterprises aren’t inclined to change and there’s nothing compelling in Google Apps at the moment to make them change (and the attractive low price isn’t enough). Word processors replaced typewriters not because they did the same thing, but because storing digital documents made revisions so much easier–word processors offered a quantum leap in productivity. Google Apps doesn’t offer that productivity leap yet.

Projjex released a mobile edition for the iPhone. “ … we’ve taken the core components of Projjex and re-designed them for the iPhone’s smaller format. With ProjjexMobile you can view the Dashboard and update the status of tasks and milestones, add time for yourself and your team, review time for yourself and your team, and add notes. You can even let ProjjexTime act as a stop-watch to calculate your task’s elapsed time! ProjjexMobile runs in the iPhone’s browser. It’s secure because it uses SSL to encrypt the transmission and it doesn’t store any data on the phone itself. All updates are immediately saved onto the secure Projjex servers.

Quick Links
– NovaMind released NovaMind Connect, a mindmap sharing site.
– Macalester has completed its transition to Google for email and calendaring. It shifted away from Oracle Collaboration Suite.
– Another University has decided to roll out Exchange Server 2007 to all students.
– Hostpoint in Switzerland is offering Open-Xchange hosting.

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