WWPYCBW: Productivity and Effectiveness (September 10, 2008)

On Time
Seth says that showing up on time and cherishing the customer’s time is the #1 most overlooked secret of marketing. “Show up on time. It doesn’t cost anything to keep your promises when it comes to time. Show up for the meeting when the meeting starts. Have the dry cleaning ready when you promise. Ship on time. Return that phone call. Finish the renovation ahead of schedule. Boy that’s simple. Apparently, it’s incredibly difficult.

The Zone
Five tips from Mark about getting into a highly productive zone: (1) don’t fight yourself, (2) do tasks when they are the easiest, (3) recognize and minimize distractions, (4) don’t let your mind wander to other important things, and (5) train your brain. “Often the biggest differentiator between highly productive and less productive people is their ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. A focused 15 minutes of work is much more productive than an unfocused 30 minutes or hour. So how do you get into “the zone” in order to make your time count?

Quick Links
– 10 ways that Google’s Chrome browser enhances productivity.
– A fast way to develop content for thought leadership: call someone and interview them, and then post it as a podcast.
– Five things that become easier when you wake up early.

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