WWPYCBW: Productivity and Effectiveness (September 3, 2008)

A bit of a catchup …

Quick Links
Paper is highly productive for thinking.
– Take some time to re-organize your computer files and get up to date with a system that works.
– Tips for writing: write about others, write in a quiet place, read a lot, and treat writing in the same way as your most serious work.
– Chris has 10 tech tips to improve your productivity, such as managing email better, getting your inbox to zero, and use a text replacement tool.
– What’s stopping you? Too little clarity?, or too many distractions? Deal with it.
– Feel happier in an hour … see Grethen’s 8 ideas. Eg, #1 boost your energy, #3 get rid of a nagging task, and #8 listen to your favorite music.
– 7 ideas to procrastinate better when your energy is low and you need to do something else: #2 go running, #3 plan, and #5 research, among others.

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