Collaboration Newswire (May 22): When is Face-Time Too Expensive?

I missed it for some reason — it didn’t arrive in my Inbox on May 22 — but the latest edition of Collaboration Newswire is out. I wrote the editorial on “When is Face-Time Too Expensive?” and my favourite piece is this part:

So how do we get to the point of being willing to give up face-time as a daily wish, and agree to accept something less? Do we have to wait for gas prices to be so exorbitant that we have no choice? Or can we start now? Perhaps we all need to plunk down $30K on a personal Cisco TelePresence unit? (Hey, if you really are a virtual worker, you won’t need to buy that car for getting to the office.) This could be the new face of the leasing business, and a new line of business for Cisco: monthly lease payments on a Cisco TelePresence unit from Cisco Finance.

Read the entire editorial.

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