Speaking at … Open Publish (Sydney, Australia)

The organizers of the Open Publish conference next month in Sydney have just confirmed that I can give a couple of presentations! The conference blurb is:

Open Publish 2008 will be focusing on management and implementation issues relating to publishing technology based on open standards.

Covering critical ideas such as wikis, blogs, single-sourcing data and content management, Open Publish will discuss these topics from the perspective of best practices, project methodologies and human / usability factors rather than simply technology.

With the objective of fostering a greater sense of community for managers, developers and production staff, Open Publish aims to offer the informal collaboration of a user group combined with presentations from the leading thinkers and practitioners in publishing.

I will be giving two presentations:

  1. A tutorial on SharePoint, entitled “SharePoint as a Collaboration Tool: An Independent Evaluation”; and
  2. A main stage presentation on “The Changing Locus of Collaboration”.

I’m really looking forward to it, and the long awaited coffee with the elusive James.

Will you be there?

0 thoughts on “Speaking at … Open Publish (Sydney, Australia)

  1. Hi,
    Recently coming across some of your stuff (and enjoying it). Didn’t find out about this quite soon enough. Any chance of their being a recording of your main stage presenation? or a copy of the slides? slideshare.net maybe?

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