"Microsoft SharePoint: Team Player?" in IDM Magazine

Bill Dawes, the Editor of Image and Data Manager, reached out to me after the publication of the SharePoint 7 Pillars research report, and asked if I would like to author a related article for the May-June 2008 edition of IDM. I agreed, and Microsoft SharePoint: Team Player? was the result.

You have to be a subscriber to read it, but if you are, welcome! Bill sent me a couple of paper copies of the magazine last week, and the digital version will be available to subscribers at some point.

0 thoughts on “"Microsoft SharePoint: Team Player?" in IDM Magazine

  1. I skim-read your article, plan to read again when my work days approach 8 hours again, but the one problem I had was simply your choice of publication and hence some all-too-important context for your arguments and criticism of sharepoint.
    I totally accept the role of Records Management, however I’ve been increasingly jaundiced as the industry started re-badging itself as “Information Management” and pushing document management solutions that had little or no understanding of user-interface advances such as “intellisense” and exposed their ignorance as to how real people work on, and collaborate about, documents.
    Now my hands-on experience has been limited to Trim and Objective so all the above may be a secular view, however in Australian Govt it’s fairly representative given their budgets and lowest-bidder approach.
    When I hear these vendors refer to sharepoint as a competitor, or worse, its so infuriating when I believe they have only truely understood the latter stages of any document lifecycle.
    So in closing, whilst your arguments may be theoritically correct I know (from first hand experience – this is not some paranoia)they will be used in this almost religuous (for its lack of reason or judgement) battle that these low-end EDM vendors are waging.

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