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Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (October 22, 2007)

The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • “Home Week” … One company instituted a monthly “home week” when all managers are in the office and more available for face-to-face interaction. “During Home Week, there is a lunch for the 10-member management team and a “deep-dive” executive planning meeting, plus a companywide pub night and daytime outing, such as last week’s afternoon spent maintaining trails at the Needham town forest. If an executive feels a dire need to be away, they must get approval from Wexler or Srinivas – an exemption granted just a handful of
  • On Building Virtual Teams … A grad student outlines some of their reading and thinking on building virtual teams. “Virtual teams share many characteristics with regular teams, they both are a group of people working with common tasks goal and overall mission. (Kim, p.1018) The defining difference of virtual teams is the geographic separation of team members and the technology used to bridge that gap. Applied Tech
  • Guided Insights … “Guided Insights, a new facilitation, training and consulting services firm, was recently launched to improve the speed and quality of business results delivered by teams that work virtually, or remotely, across geographic boundaries, cultures and time zones …. Guided Insights helps companies develop communication strategies for groups of people that work remotely, including customers and partners. Other services include planning and facilitating remote meetings as well as face-to-face working sessions; providing tools to virtual remote team members and leaders to strengthen collaboration; cross-cultural training; and organizational assessment services to identify barriers getting in the way of great teamwork.PRWeb

The Technology Trends of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams

  • Google Docs Mobile … Google released a mobile interface to its Google Docs and Spreadsheets application. “Like the mobile version of their calendaring service, Google has spent a considerable amount of time optimising Docs for the iPhone — making items larger, and more finger friendly. iPhone users are also the only group who gets mobile access to the freshly launched presentations service, which shows up in thumbnail form with simplistic back-and-forth controls.CNET
  • EditGrid for Excel … EditGrid announced the beta of EditGrid Excel Plus. “EditGrid Excel Plus is a plugin for Microsoft Excel that brings the power of EditGrid to your desktop. Your Excel spreadsheets can now access EditGrid’s versatile feature set and real-time data capabilities.” Key features: real-time linked spreadsheets, publishing of data from Excel to EditGrid, and more. Available immediately. EditGrid, EditGrid Blog
  • CommonTime for iPhone … CommonTime announced plans to support the iPhone and iPod touch in its Notes sync tools. “We will have a full mNotes5 solution for the iPhone and a desktop synchronization product for the iPod touch available by summer 2008, this will be a true rich mNotes client with high data fidelity and rich functionality that can really capitalize on the unique usability of the iPhone.PCWorld
  • Presensoft in The Netherlands … Presensoft, a vendor of secure IM tools, opened an office in Hillegom. BusinessWire
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 … Apparently coming in February 2008, with a Treo 500v style UI. “You move left or right to switch between different “zones” and then up and down to choose an “action.” The idea is that instead of thinking in terms of “applications,” you can think in terms of “what do I want to do today?” (Ah, Microsoft slogans, how I love them). So instead of having to go into the Tasks app to make a new task, you just flip to the proper portion of the carousel to do it directly.Bink
  • OCS + Parlano … Microsoft shows its hand with the Parlano acquisition … “ … customers who bought OCS 2007 with Software Assurance will be given no-cost licenses to the Parlano technology in Q1 2008. Future versions of OCS will include Parlano.Paul Robichaux

Insights on Being Productive and Effective as an Individual

  • Protect Your Brain … Uday lists 10 habits/actions that cause damage to the brain. Embrace at your peril! UdayFun (and while you are there, check out these houses … I like the last one the best, but we’d lose too many kids)
  • On Simple GTD … Call from Kelly to keep GTD systems simple, based on her own implementation and coaching work … “In my experience, many of the programs out there trying to automate GTD make it too complex and miss the point. A simple system can be profoundly efficient.Kelly Forrister
  • Get Back in the Game … “How often to knowledge workers “put off” doing something that advances their cause, encourages development and growth, and improves their work/life balance? There’s always something “stressful” (take my word for it, a triathlon stresses everything‚Ķmentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually). The key to professional growth is to grow out of, away from, and because of that stress. And, that happens during and after the recovery process. So, if you have a stressful day, night, weekend or business trip…get back up the next day and do SOMETHING to further the cause.Jason Womack

Other Noteworthy Insights

  • Anyone know how I can get one of these … in New Zealand? Verizon

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