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When Collaboration Tools are Anti-Knowledge Sharing … What Then??

In response to James arguing that Collaboration tools are anti knowledge sharing? (which I responded to) Stephane writes:

Well this is what’s happening where I am working!

Our organization was not able to manage the spread of collaboration tools since we have about 5 different platforms, including our Intranet. This has not allowed pick up and usage has it should have since there are too many systems, not talking to each other, not searchable, without single sign on.
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I just left a comment for him, outlining some of the steps I would recommend if I was in a collaboration advisory role at his firm:

Wow, interesting situation to be in. Thanks for sharing.

Here’s some thoughts on a possible approach to improving the situation:

1. Undertake an audit of the five platforms, looking for both total number of collaboration spaces per platform, and the current age of each. Eg, one or two of the collaboration tools may have older spaces, and 1-2 may have much more current spaces. That will give you a sense as to where different groups are going currently for their work.

2. You have 5 different tools, and no clear way through to get to one or two. So, I recommend enlisting the help of people across the organization in creating a map / shared database of all current projects, along with who is on each, main focus points etc. Having s shared repository, plus some ways of visualizing commonalities and interlinkages, may help.

3. I don’t know what the 5 tools are, and you haven’t disclosed that, so this is more of a wild stab. Casahl offers collaboration tool middleware / integration software for some collab tools. You may find that some of their tools — ecKnowledge — for example, may help with some cross-tool integration.

4. The lack of single sign on is a pain. Have you exhausted the options for directory interop, meta-directories, and other tools to resolve this? Yes, I buy the fact that it was a governance issue that got you here, maybe some appropriate tech can help alleviate some of the issues.

Hope this helps,

What would you recommend?

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