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Seamless Teamwork (2008)

Welcome to the Seamless Teamwork book blog.

Seamless Teamwork is the main title of the book (and it was Juliana’s excellent titling idea … I had proposed “Beyond Me” … which I still like, but Seamless Teamwork is even better).

The book is due for publication in September 2008 (which means that I have to finish the manuscript by June … but then I have Sandra on my side).

This blog is a place for gaining early access to many of the ideas in the book, a place for me to post in-progress material for feedback and push-back, and … basically a place to hold a conversation about my essential professional passion: improving the capability of teams that can’t be together to work together.

Seamless Teamwork is focused on Microsoft SharePoint, rather than being a generalized treatise on all collaboration tools.

Well … anyhoo … read, converse, think and enjoy.