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Daily Report, Apr 4

Team Collaboration

  • BEA Web 2.0 Offerings … BEA launched three Web 2.0 style applications for enterprise customers: Ensemble (for mashups), Pages (drag-and-drop collaborative workspaces), and Pathways (an information discovery tool). It also launched a product reference site call, which (among other things) includes a white paper (PDF) on Pages. Dana Gardner
  • Outsourced Exchange 2007 from Intermedia.NET … Intermedia.NET released an outsourced Exchange 2007 offering for organizations with more than 100 staff. “Customers of Intermedia.NET have a choice of either Enterprise plans – clustered, SAN-based Exchange solutions – or Custom Enterprise plans, which offer dedicated Exchange servers for their organizations. Costs start at $1295 per month for 100 users.” Available immediately. PRWeb
  • 14 Templates for Quickr … Lotus Quickr 8 will ship with 14 out-of-the-box business-focused templates, including project management, ideas and innovation, image repository, meeting and agenda management, activities integration, dynamic surveys, and collaborative presentation development, amongst others. LotusRockStar. (And, LOL, Peter from Microsoft said “hardly a distinctive offering“)


  • iGTD 1.3 … Bargiel released Version 1.3 of iGTD, a getting things done application for the Mac. Includes the ability to see all tasks by context and/or by project … kewl. And it sync’s via Apple iSync to mobile devices for on-the-go GTDing. bartek:bargiel
  • Name Your Box … If you want to get out of the box you’re in, you first of all have to name it correctly. There are various ways to get there: (1) ask a coach to help, (2) ask probing questions of yourself, (3) find a good “how to” resource, and more. Genuine Curiosity
  • Multitasking Leads to Poor Concentration … Time management researcher John Robinson is very concerned that constant multi-tasking is training people to be unable to concentrate on a single task for a suitable duration of time. Productivity501
  • Simplify Your Focus … Doug outlines how to use the “3 Things” planning approach for staying focused on what’s important for the upcoming year, and how it can be used in the light of each day’s tasks and activities. FastCompany Blog

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