Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint for Business

One of the main research themes of Collaboration Success Advisors is how organizations can embrace SharePoint 2007 for enhanced business performance. My analysis of SharePoint as an effective technology has changed over the last few years … the 2003 version got a thumbs-down from me … whereas even I had to conclude that the 2007 version is getting better. However, my analysis and writings haven’t stopped organizations from embracing SharePoint, and given my focus on helping organizations be successful with collaboration technologies and initiatives, I think there’s an opportunity to add some value here.

So … I’m looking to speak with people and organizations using SharePoint within their businesses. I have some questions, some thoughts … and I’d like to explore these with as many of you as are willing to speak (on-the-record or off-the-record is fine with me). If you’re good to go, please drop me an email at and we’ll set up a 30 minute call in the near future. Thanks much.